Matt and Mandie met in seventh grade in Industrial Technology class. In eighth grade they talked about how Matt would one day grow his hair long just like a popular singer they both liked. A  song by that artist, "Right Here Right Now," became a song that would always remind them of each other.

They graduated high school and ended up in the same town for college. Matt likes to remind Mandie that she snuck out of Bible college to sneak in to his dorm at Lincoln College to hang out. After leaving Lincoln, they both ended up life guarding and teaching swimming lessons at the local YMCA. After a while, they both moved on to new adventures. Every once in a while,they would catch up with each other and every time they heard "their song" Mandie thought of Matt and Matt thought of Mandie.

It seemed like more than chance brought them back together in 2013. Though neither of them thought that a dinner out together to catch up would lead to a lifelong commitment, neither can deny that it just "felt right." After spending time together for a while, they began to realize that they still had so many things in common.They started seeing connections to each others lives that happened too often to be called coincidence. They had similar values, especially when it came to family. And, they found they simply enjoyed being in each others company. A friendship that began 24 years before became so much more. Mandie fell in love with Matt and Matt fell in love with Mandie.

Matt's friends were surprised when he started talking about his girlfriend. They didn't have a clue how he could already be have a girlfriend when they didn't even know he had met someone. They thought it happened so fast. Matt and Mandie thought maybe it hadn't happened so fast. It seemed like it took them 24 years to get to this point. Mandie's family and friends knew right away that Matt was someone special. After the hardest year of her life, he made her smile again. Knowing that smile was something special, they embraced him completely. He was their answered prayer. In both cases, they found it easy to be together. They have effortlessly fit into each others lives and families. They found comfort and happiness in each others arms.